September 28, 2023
Brent Wery Obituary, Richer Manitoba - Death, Richer fire department Captain killed train accident

Brent Wery Obituary, Richer Manitoba – Death, Richer fire department Captain killed train in accident

Brent Wery Obituary, Death –  Richer Fire Captain Brent Wery passed away as a result of an accident that involved a collision between an automobile and a train. This collision has been described as a “tragic” tragedy. A train, two vehicles, and the person’s residence were involved in an accident that took place on the evening of January 8, 2023, and resulted in the death of a resident of Richer. The collision took place at the person’s residence. In addition to that, a local citizen of Richer was a participant in the accident that occurred.

According to the reports, officers of the Steinbach RCMP responded to the collision that took place at approximately six o’clock in the evening along Road 33 North at Twin River Road. The occurrence took place close to the time that the sun went down. The first investigations that were carried out when the authorities arrived at the scene revealed that an automobile that was heading east along Road 33 North collided with a train that was traveling north. These discoveries were made as soon as the authorities got at the incident. The train was following the rails as they traveled along the tracks. At that time, the railroad was traveling in the opposite direction along the road from where the road was headed.

The collision resulted in the single person inside the automobile, who was also the driver, being ejected from the vehicle, and they eventually passed away as a result of the injuries they had as a result of the accident. After receiving medical treatment at the scene of the crash, it was found that the driver had already passed away. It has been speculated that Brent Wery, who is 42 years old, was the driver of the vehicle in question. There have been whispers going about about this. These rumors have not been verified by the relevant authorities.