September 30, 2023
Brenda Chronicle Obituary - Death, Brenda Chronicle Has Passed Away

Brenda Chronicle Obituary – Death, Brenda Chronicle Has Passed Away

Brenda Chronicle Death, Obituary – A terrible tragedy that befell a family was detailed in an article published in the New Hampshire Chronicle. John Sliwerski, who along with his wife had established Corey’s Closet in Hooksett, passed away over the weekend due to circumstances that were completely unforeseen. The proprietors of this thrift shop, John and Brenda, wanted their son, Corey, and other individuals with developmental disabilities to have the opportunity to gain experience working in a real workplace, so they opened it under the auspices of a nonprofit organization.

John gave a great deal of effort and attention to the success of the endeavors undertaken by this store, and I want John’s family, friends, and the people who worked here to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. The very thought of this makes my stomach turn into a knot. He had a pleasant disposition and was very generous with his time and money. When I think of him, the moment that stands out to me the most is the one in which I was specifically looking for a CD wallet and he had just gotten one in so recently that he hadn’t yet placed it on the shelf.

This is the moment that sticks out in my mind the most. Because he saw how excited I was about the damned thing, he just handed it to me and laughed at me for being so excited about a CD wallet. He thought it was hilarious that I was so excited over a CD wallet. My heartfelt sympathies are extended to his family on the passing of a member of their family. He will be sorely missed by everyone.