June 2, 2023
Braden Heffernan Obituary, Alberta CN, has died - Death

Braden Heffernan Obituary, Alberta CN, has died – Death

Braden Heffernan Obituary, Death – On January 12, 2023, at the age of 85, Braden Heffernan passed away in a calm and serene manner at the Southwood Hospice. He was accompanied by his family, who loved and cared for him deeply. Braden continued to devote the most of his time to spending time with his children and grandchildren even though he was dealing with the difficulties brought on by a brief sickness. John and Beryl Heffernan welcomed their son Dan into the world on February 29, 1932 in Clouston, Saskatchewan. He was the fifth child to be born to John and Beryl, who had a total of six children.

In 1950, Dan and his brother Jack made the trek west to settle in Calgary. On June 27th, 1953, Lois and Dan were joined in matrimony in Calgary. Their names were Rusty, Garnet (Joette), Andy (Rhonda), Tracey (Ian), and Terry. They had five children (Janine). After a long and successful career with the City of Calgary, Dan took his retirement in 1992 and has since enjoyed almost twenty-five years of life as a retired person.

Mathew, Jenna, Courtney (Paul), Kristen, Shaylene, Richelle, Braden, and Meadow were Dan’s nine cherished grandkids, and they were the thing that meant the most to him in the world. Dan’s life was centered around them. He found it especially enjoyable to see them compete in sports. As a result of the departure of their grandfather, who devoted such a significant portion of his life to caring for them.

To Avoid will be left in each of their hearts. His first wife, Lois, his oldest son, Rusty, and three of his siblings, Bill, Jack, and Doreen, all passed away before Dan. Instead of sending flowers or making financial contributions in his memory, his family has asked that you simply carry out an act of kindness for another person.