October 1, 2023
Brad Traquair Obituary, Alberta CN, has died - Death

Brad Traquair Obituary, Alberta CN, has died – Death

Brad Traquair Obituary, Death – Brad Traquair On Thursday, May 13, 2021, at the age of 68, a woman who had spent her entire life giving of herself and serving other people died away in a gentle manner. She was adored by her beloved grandkids, Rilyn, Kilee, and Keeden Ayers, as well as by her daughter Jade, who married her son-in-law Steve Ayers, and by Steve Ayers, who was her son-in-law.

Janice was the oldest child in her family when she was growing up, and her younger siblings, Linda MacDougall (Mike MacDougall), and Heather Traquair, would miss her terribly (Bobby Jones). Her niece-in-law Jordan (Leah) MacDougall, her nephews Jace MacDougall, Brad Traquair, and Brock Traquair, as well as her extended family and her close friends Rose, Anne, Arlene, and Dawn, will always fondly remember her.

Janice’s grin was never happier than when Brad Traquair shared amazing memories with her daughter Jade, including the opportunity to be a support for the birth of her grandchild. These are wonderful moments that Brad Traquair shared with Janice’s daughter Jade. The fact that Janice was able to give so much of herself to her daughter and grandchildren was the source of her greatest pride. Janice was an extremely kind and caring woman.

Janice enjoyed shopping in general, but she took particular pleasure in doing it for other people and making pit stops to see her grandchildren. Visits on the porch with her daughter, soaking up the sun, catching up on the latest while having a cup of coffee, or taking a drive out to her sister’s house for a backyard chat while watching the lake were some of Janice’s favorite things to do on gorgeous days when the sun was shining.