June 1, 2023
Barbara Graham Obituary - Death, Learn more about Barbara Graham Death

Barbara Graham Obituary – Death, Learn more about Barbara Graham Death

Barbara Graham Obituary, Death – Barbara Holden Graham, who was 78 years old when she passed away on December 31, 2022 in West Columbia, South Carolina, did not suffer a painful death. She was encircled by the people who loved her the most and who were most important to her, and those people were her three children and her granddaughter.

In Clinton, South Carolina, Barbara was born to her late parents, Robert Lee Holden and Mattie Estelle Parkman. Both of her parents have now passed away. Her siblings Elizabeth Bond, Shirley Holden, Rudolph “Buddy” Holden, and Frances Holden Reid all passed away before she did. She was the only survivor of her family. She is survived by her three children, Marnie Ballad, Ashley Graham, and Austin Graham; her granddaughter, Peyton Teague; and her son-in-law, Christopher Ballad. She was preceded in death by her husband, Austin Graham.

In addition, she is survived by her four grand-dogs, Winston, Piper, Django, and Nala, each of whom received the special attention and care that can only be given by a grandmother. Barbara danced her way through life, and she was a formidable opponent on every dance floor she ever entered. She was a phenomenal chef, and her dishes not only tasted fantastic but also looked absolutely stunning when they were served. She was an excellent hostess who knew how to greet and respect her visitors in a way that made them feel like they were the most important people in the room.

She adored attractive things, especially ones that gave her an air of sophistication. Her style was one that would never go out of fashion. She was able to “MacGyver” her way through any challenge or chore, from arranging flowers to mounting light fixtures, from tying bows to building furniture, from mending broken toys to fixing lawnmowers, and so on. This aptitude left others in awe. Many rooms were elevated from merely being spaces to being havens thanks to her talent and instincts for interior design.

The Carolina Shag was one of her favorite dances, and just like the rest of her life, her dance skills made it look like they were rehearsed with ease. She was the personification of grace, style, and elegance, and as a result, she motivated not only her family and friends but even complete strangers to aspire to be like her. She moved fluidly between ecstasy and anguish of the heart. Both the Bible and the occasional glass of scotch and soda were sources of comfort for her.
With a hand that was both firm and loving, Barbara led the way for her children and other loved ones.

She went through her house collecting and posting funny, insightful, and religious sayings on post-it notes. She had a keen awareness of both the content of the message and the timing of its delivery. She was a courageous and loyal mother who loved her children with all of her heart and gave them no conditions or restrictions on that love.