June 3, 2023
Ava Morgan Obituary - Death, Woman Killed by her Husband in Washington County

Ava Morgan Obituary – Death, Woman Killed by her Husband in Washington County

Ava Morgan Death, Obituary – It has been reported that the woman whose husband shot and killed her on Friday night in Washington County, Virginia, worked as a corrections officer in the county. Her death was caused by a gunshot wound. According to the reports that were referenced earlier, the local authorities have provided confirmation of this information to News Channel 11. Ava Renee Morgan, who was 41 years old, worked for the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority, according to the statements that the Washington County Sheriff Blake Andis made to News Channel 11 on Monday. The statements were made by the sheriff of Washington County.

In a previous release, the Washington County Virginia Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) stated that Ava Morgan’s body was discovered after her husband, George William Morgan, 76, went to the magistrate’s office and reported that he had killed someone. The WCSO stated that George William Morgan went to the office to report that he had killed Ava Morgan. Following the report that George William Morgan made that he had killed someone, the statement was made. George William Morgan was the name of Ava Morgan’s husband after they got married. When law enforcement officers arrived at the address that George Morgan had given them, they discovered Ava Morgan lying dead on the floor with what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

Ava Morgan had been shot multiple times. It turned out that her body had been discovered at the location of the incident, and she had already passed away. After being questioned by the law enforcement officials, Morgan was taken into custody and placed under arrest. In the release, it was stated that he had admitted to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) that he was the one who was responsible for the passing of his wife. Employees at the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority in Abingdon reported that as of Monday, Morgan was still being held without bond. The authority volunteered this information for our consideration.