June 2, 2023
Aura Carmen Obituary - Death, Aura Carmen Has Passed Away At Age 79

Aura Carmen Obituary – Death, Aura Carmen Has Passed Away At Age 79

Aura Carmen Death, Obituary – At the age of 79, Aura Carmen Soriano-Heredia has passed away. On Sunday, January 8, 2023, Aura Carmen Soriano-Heredia passed away in the city of Porter, Indiana, in the United States. She had reached the age of 79. She considered Chicago, which is located in the state of Illinois, to be her home. She was born on the 10th of December 1943 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to parents named Pelegrin Soriano and Lydia (Heredia) Soriano. Her birthplace was the Dominican Republic. She was her parents’ only kid and the only child they ever had.

Aura is survived by her children Sheila (Michael) Ranftl and Manuel (Pauline) Peralta, in addition to 13 of Aura’s grandchildren, one of Aura’s great-grandchildren, and one of Aura’s great-great-grandchildren. Aura is also survived by one of Aura’s great-great-grandchildren. Aura came before her and took her life. Her parents had also passed away before to her own passing. She was the eldest of the three children that she had. Aura was a doting mother who devoted her entire life to taking care of her offspring and grandkids. She was fiercely protective of her family and loved them without conditions.

She devoted her life to them. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way in response to her demise. Mount Olive Cemetery is located in Chicago at 3800 North Narragansett Avenue. You can visit it there. In memory of the individual who passed away, a funeral service will be held at that location on Friday, January 13, 2023, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon.