May 31, 2023
Anthony Salciccia Obituary, Cal Men's Soccer Player Has Passed Away - Death

Anthony Salciccia Obituary, Cal Men’s Soccer Player Has Passed Away – Death

Anthony Salciccia Obituary, Death – The author entered this world on January 19, 1991, in the city of San Jose, in the state of California. On the 25th of December in 2022, the body decided that the resolution should be accepted. His mother, Mary Ellen McGovern, and his father, Anthony (Cielo) Salciccia, have both been able to live on after he has passed away. Brother who has devoted his life to Emily (Alex), Natalie, and Dominic, all of whom he holds very dear to his heart (Analisa).

He is a doting uncle to both of his nieces and nephews, Vayla and Kalea, who is his sister’s daughter. The Rosalba Salciccia family cherished and adored having a grandson in their family. Along with him, his friends as well as the other members of his extended family, such as his aunts, uncles, and cousins, will miss him profoundly and in a variety of significant ways after his passing. Beloved by those who knew him as a self-assured young man who relished laughing, especially at himself, as well as appreciating music and getting involved in sports.

He was an incredible athlete who played soccer for Cal Berkley, led Prospect High to a championship in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCS), was named the Mercury News Player of the Year in 2009, and had many other accomplishments. He also led Prospect High to a championship in the California Interscholastic Athletic Association (CIAA). Additionally, he was the driving force behind Prospect High School’s success in the California Interscholastic Athletic Association (CIAA).

Participant in the AA groups Serenity First and Saturday Night Live, as well as a member of a variety of different soccer clubs located all over the Bay Area. Also a member of the Saturday Night Live cast. In addition to that, he was a band member for Saturday Night Live. On the 21st of January, which is a Saturday, there will be a memorial service held in his honor to pay tribute to his life.

There will be a religious service held at the Bethel Church in San Jose, California, which is located at 1201 South Winchester Boulevard. The service will take place between the hours of one and two in the afternoon. On the 18th of November, there will be a gathering to celebrate the life of the deceased at Three Flames, which can be found at 1547 Meridian Avenue in San Jose, California. The event will take place from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoo