June 1, 2023
Anthony Recchio Obituary, Auburn NY - Death, Anthony Recchio Has Died

Anthony Recchio Obituary, Auburn NY – Death, Anthony Recchio Has Died

Anthony Recchio Obituary, Death – Anthony Frank Recchio, 41, a devoted family man, passed away on November 10, 2022 at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in the company of his loved ones. The late David Recchio’s children, Karen and Sean McNamara, had a son named Anthony. In 2000, he had completed the RFA program and become a graduate. Anthony was a superb craftsman who took great pride in his work. He was energized by difficulty. He had an insatiable need for everything with an eccentric shape (barrel ceiling, wall, or roof).

He has a wide range of humorous anecdotes from his life’s events to share. Even though he frequently remarked that his fellow construction workers weren’t the sharpest, he never tired of going to work each day. He was a huge fan of music from every decade from the 1960s to the 2010s. He was a huge fan of the Beatles, especially John Lennon, and of the bands of Maynard James Keenan, especially Tool. Amazingly, his knowledge of musicians spans all genres; he can reliably recall the years in which individual songs or albums were released.

Anthony had a knack for connecting with new people and quickly becoming friends with them. He never thought twice about pulling over to the side of the road to assist someone in need. He made friends quickly because his laugh and charm were infectious. Anthony has unmatched devotion to his loved ones. He gave his everything to the people he had made a family with, and that love was unconditional. Angelo David, his kid, was his life’s breath, his heart’s blood, and his entire world.

They were the greatest of friends to one another, sharing in a variety of activities from guitar playing and wheelbarrow races to mowing the lawn and taking Anthony’s vehicle for a spin on the additional lot. On October 10, 2015, Anthony married Caitlin (Comeskey) in St. Mary’s Church in Clinton, New York. Love has poured into their marriage. Anthony’s devotion to his family was equaled only by his enthusiasm for life. He frequently contacted his family members, including his mother, stepfather, and uncles, for help with cooking or other tasks. His first concern was always his loved ones.

Caitlin and their son Angelo are all that remain of Anthony’s family. His siblings David Recchio and Jeremy McNamara (Meg), sister Jenny Recchio (Craig Widrig), parents Karen and Sean McNamara, step-grandmother Joan McNamara, and in-laws Patrick and Maria Comeskey, Kelly and Hans Hagg, and Brian Comeskey are all still here (Larissa Kallaur). He is also survived by his nieces and nephews, Gabriella Widrig, Emmeline McNamara, Liliana and Hailey Comeskey, Nina Hagg, and Michael Sportello.

He leaves behind a sizable group of cousins, aunts, and uncles. Frank and Gisella Cimino, his maternal grandparents, and Michael and Angela Recchio, his paternal grandparents, all passed away before he was born.