September 30, 2023

Anne Maxon Obituary – Death, Anne Maxon Has Died

Anne Maxon Death, obituary – We are writing to everyone of you with heavy hearts to share the sad news that our good friend Anne Maxon passed away suddenly a short while ago. It is with deep sorrow that I must inform you that we will move forward in this manner. Ever since John took an interest in racing more than twenty years ago, Anne and Bud Hall, Anne’s ex-boyfriend, have been there for John to lend a helping hand and express their support. Anne and Bud Hall have been there for John to lend a helping hand and express their support ever since John took an interest in racing.

He raced on every single and every single Saturday that he had a competition, without fail. When we made an attempt to preserve Bud in May of the previous year, it was not possible to do so. Anne, his devoted buddy, was never more than a step or two away from him at any given time. They complemented one another in the clearest and most straightforward way that was feasible. Anne became John’s surrogate mother after the demise of John’s original mother. John had been without a mother for many years. She was a treasured companion outside of the racetrack in addition to having the notoriety of being the “mother hen” of the trailer, which was the nickname that was given to her.

Anne was a very significant source of inspiration for her and a primary motivator for her forward momentum in everything that she achieved. She did all of this work quietly and without seeking fame or praises, and she served as the Town Clerk of Berlin in addition to being the person in charge of planning the Fourth of July parade for that town. Her absence will be keenly felt, and it is unlikely that anybody else will ever be able to completely fill the gap that she creates in the world. The fact that Anne and Bud won’t be competing in the upcoming racing season is going to make things quite challenging. Nevertheless, in spite of everything that has occurred, we are going to carry on with what we were doing before because we are confident that this is what they would want us to do if they were in our position.