May 28, 2023
Ann Grachek Obituary - Death, Ann Grachek Has Died

Ann Grachek Obituary – Death, Ann Grachek Has Died

Ann Grachek Death, Obituary – Cheri Ann Grachek, one of my lovely nail girls, passed away suddenly this morning at the young age of 44. Please say a prayer for her family and friends. When I asked her to paint me mermaid nails many years ago, she created a number of stunning and one-of-a-kind patterns for my fingernails, including this one. She was passionate about what she did, she made everyone in her chair feel special, she took the time to create the vision you and she wanted on your nails, and she did it at an affordable price.

All of this, and she did it while entertaining you with the newest murder movie, which, even if you were like me and didn’t initially care for them, you quickly learned to become hooked on and love them! LOL! My heart hurts for her beautiful daughter Savannah, who has just turned 16 years old, and for her husband Nick, both of whom she just adored to pieces! When I found out she did nails in our later years, I decided to take a chance on her and drive the extra distance to see her. I am so thankful that our early years were spent together in activities such as choir, show choir, and drama, and that we had the opportunity to participate in these activities together.

She was absolutely worth the wait! The chats that we had when our children were going through difficult times and we needed one another to listen and understand so that we didn’t feel as isolated will be ones that I will always treasure. When I would leave her business, she would always tell me, “See ya next time, Sweetheart,” so I’d like to say “See ya next time, Sweetheart” to you today, Cheri, and until the next time we meet, “See ya next time, Sweetheart.”