September 30, 2023
Ann Confer Obituary - Death, USD 297 St. Francis Elementary Teacher Has Died

Ann Confer Obituary – Death, USD 297 St. Francis Elementary Teacher Has Died

 Jean Ann Confer Death, Obituary – I send this letter with a heavy heart to notify you that we have suffered the loss of one of the most treasured members of our teaching staff. Mrs. Jean Ann Confer fought cancer for a very long period and did her best to defeat the disease before she passed away. Unfortunately, she was not successful in her fight. Please pass along to her family the message that we are thinking about them and extending our condolences as they go through this difficult time. Mrs. Confer was a kind and sympathetic woman who had committed her whole life to caring for her family and the students she held in the highest regard.

During these most recent difficult years, Mrs. Confer has drawn strength from their excitement and zest for life. These qualities have served as a source of inspiration for her. Because she loved each and every one of her pupils the same amount, she was able to invest a portion of her warm and loving heart in each and every one of them. We are aware that this revelation comes as a shock to Jean Ann’s coworkers as well as her current and former students, and we share their feelings of unease. At USD 297, operations will continue as normal today, and we have already contacted out to other school districts to inquire about the availability of additional counselors who can assist us at this challenging time.

In the event that you believe it would be best for your kid to stay home from school today, please know that we fully comprehend your stance. Because the elementary students have not been informed of the situation just yet, this gives parents the chance to have conversations about this sensitive matter with their own children before the youngsters are informed of the situation.