May 27, 2023
Andrew Jamieson Obituary, Andrew Jamieson has died - Death

Andrew Jamieson Obituary, Andrew Jamieson has died – Death

Andrew Jamieson Obituary, Death – As we make this statement, it is with a great deal of sadness that we think of the passing of Andrew Hepburn Jamieson, our first Vice President, who passed away this morning while he was joined by his family. We express our condolences to his loved ones. We are deeply saddened to report that he has died away. As soon as Andrew received the news that he had cancer for the first time, his doctors advised him that he only had six to twelve months left to live.

Nearly two and a half years ago, Andrew made the courageous choice to battle the sickness that he was suffering from. There is no doubt in my mind that his unwaveringly upbeat and happy view on life served him well throughout his trip. It was one of the things that helped him the most. Andrew had a very rich life, one that included making a large number of new friends and traveling all over the world; many of these friends stayed in contact with him throughout his whole life.

Andrew led a life that was very full. The life of Andrew was extremely eventful. The life biography of Andrew was broken up into portions and distributed among members of our Shed in the form of a newsletter. These pieces were ultimately combined into a short booklet titled “Edinburgh My Roots,” which was published. I had the privilege of assisting Andrew in putting all of the elements together and getting the booklet published, and I found it to be a very fulfilling experience. Additionally, I had the honor of assisting Andrew in putting together the booklet.

Andrew was a native Scot and is regarded as one of the most distinguished gentlemen in the annals of human history. He was born and raised in Scotland. He had a nasty sense of humor, and his wit was razor-sharp much like his tongue. It was impossible not to like Andrew the very first time you met him, and his presence at our shed will be greatly missed now that he has moved on to other things in his life. Andrew was impossible not to like from the very first time you met him.