February 7, 2023
Ana Inés de Marotte Obituary - Death, Ana Marotte Has Passed Away

Ana Inés de Marotte Obituary – Death, Ana Marotte Has Passed Away

Ana Inés de Marotte Death, Obituary – After receiving complaints from the neighbors about a “bad smell,” the body of a deceased woman was discovered inside her own home. The dogs had finished up most of the body when they were done. A residence in the Airport neighborhood of Santa Rosa, Argentina’s city of Santa Rosa was the source of complaints from nearby residents about a “nauseous smell” that had pervaded the area for at least a week prior to the police being called in to investigate the odor’s source. The police were called in to investigate because the smell had pervaded the area for at least a week.

On the 31st of December, they broke into the house and discovered the body of Ana Inés de Marotte inside. Her five dogs had consumed a significant portion of her body. The occurrence of the incident took place on that day. The mother claims that passersby on the street confuse her large “Scouse dog” for a lion due to its lion-like appearance. Despite this, Marotte went home as soon as she was discharged from the hospital. A week later, her body and the bodies of her dogs, who had become trapped inside the house, were found there. Marotte had committed suicide. According to Fernando Martn Cortez, who is the commissioner of the Second Section of Santa Rosa, the police were called to the house because of the noxious odor that was present at the place.

As soon as they walked into the room, they saw that Marotte was lying on the floor, and she was unresponsive. The 67-year-old man was reported “lost” during the second week of December, as stated on the website Infopico; nevertheless, he was discovered in the Santa Rosa Sanatorium on the same day that he was discharged from the facility.