May 31, 2023
Amanda Montgomery Obituary, Texas - Death, Amanda Montgomery Has Died

Amanda Montgomery Obituary, Texas – Death, Amanda Montgomery Has Died

Amanda Montgomery Obituary, Death – On December 9, 2022, our much loved and stunningly beautiful daughter, Amanda Jeannine Montgomery, was stolen from this world without any justification. During those incredible 42 years, she was our priceless gift. She was brought up in Holbrook, Massachusetts, but she was born in Randolph. She had an evident influence on everyone she came in contact with. She had a soft spot for horses and other animals ever since she was a tiny girl. She was never able to make her ambition of owning a horse farm a reality and instead pursued her interest in horseback riding as a serious love instead.

As she got older, Amanda discovered her love for camping, the outdoors, hiking, as well as her friends and family. She would ride her own motorcycle, even though I’m not sure she ever managed to get it started; she would go all over Europe; she would reside all over the south coast; and she would have a menagerie of animals. She was just as brilliant as she was stunning, and college opened up a lot of doors for her that led to exciting new options. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Bridgewater State University, she went on to receive not one but two master’s degrees.

She went on to try her hand at a variety of vocations in an effort to better understand the ways in which her personal convictions and her inclinations for professional devotion may complement one another. Amanda has never been particularly concerned with acquiring material possessions; rather, she prioritized the acquisition of joy and new experiences over keeping up with the latest trends in clothing. At the holidays and on people’s birthdays, she would say variations of this phrase: “let’s have experiences over presents this year.”
When Amanda relocated to Texas in 2010, it was a big change from the northeast, where she had spent her childhood, and a significant departure from the “Boston way” of doing things. Texas was unique; it enabled her to be who she truly was, and it fostered her personal development.

She was able to flourish in Texas. While she was residing in Texas, she was bestowed with the incredible gifts of two children: Andrew and Natasha. She developed relationships with people who were more on a par with families, friends who were in some sense an extension of her own family. The new teaching post that was provided to her at the Odyssey Academy was something that she loved even more than the life that she had made for herself in Texas. She was a science teacher, which was a job that she absolutely adored.

Amanda modeled herself after Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus,” and she frequently encouraged her pupils to “Take chances, make errors, and get dirty!” She had discovered a career that didn’t feel like work at all, it was the passion she had been looking for, and she loved those children almost as much as she loved her own. Finally, she had found the job she had been looking for. Amanda was born in Massachusetts, raised in Massachusetts, and then reincarnated in Texas. She has now gone back to Ma for the second time, but this time there is a catch: we cannot embrace her, and we cannot hear her giggle.

Nevertheless, she will continue to be with us, and we will continue to keep a close eye on her. We are going to clench our mental and emotional grip on her as tightly as we possibly can. She observes her parents, Robert Montgomery of Randolph, and Sharon Montgomery of Randolph from a heavenly vantage point. She will continue to look out for her brother and his family, which consists of Rob Montgomery and Ashley Montgomery of Plympton, as she always has.

She plans to see all of her aunts, uncles, and cousins throughout her trip. Her friends and family, both in Massachusetts and Texas, will never forget her, and she will live on in their memories. All I ask is that you extend the same kindness to the people you care about who are still with you to hold. Listen to what they have to say, but pay even closer attention to what it is that they are not saying. Because of carelessness, our cherished daughter was snatched from us, yet the legacy she leaves behind will endure for all of time.