September 28, 2023

Alwyne Brown Obituary – Death, Alwyne Brown Has Passed Away

Alwyne Brown Obituary, Death – As we tell you of the passing of Mr. Alwyne Brown, a former teacher who was 84 years old, we want to offer our most sincere sympathies to you and your family at this time. Alwyne taught Classical Civilization, Latin, and Greek at QEGS from 1966 all the way up until 2002, in addition to acting as Head of Year 9 throughout that time. During that same period, she was also serving in that role. The fact that he frequently participated in things that were not a part of the curriculum, such as field trips and other outings, added to the favorable reputation that he enjoyed among his pupils and coworkers.

During his time at QEGS, Alwyne accompanied students on field trips to a variety of destinations across the world. One of these trips was the Classics department’s yearly excursion to Pompeii, which Alwyne was there for. In addition to that, he was involved in the production and direction of a number of school plays, such as “The Vigil,” “Pot of Gold,” and “Henry VI – Part 3,” and he also performed in school pantomimes. The fact that Alwyne volunteered to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh program every year, during which he camped out and spent weekends away from home, was not something that should have come as a surprise to anyone.

He exuded an energizing and contagious passion for life. In addition to that, he participated in the sport of swimming on a fairly regular basis. He was a member of the swim team, a lifeguard, and a swim coach, and he was an indispensable part of the latter group, particularly when it came time for the annual contests. After Alwyne had already spent her retirement years, she went on to work for the National Health Service (NHS), where she was given the responsibility of transporting patients. Alwyne is going to have a lot of regrets about leaving behind his wife Beryl, his son Tim, and the rest of his family, in addition to his many friends.