June 1, 2023
Alonzo Jackson Obituary, Five people killed by gun violence - Death

Alonzo Jackson Obituary, Five people killed by gun violence – Death

Alonzo Jackson Death, Obituary – On Monday, the names of five people who had been killed in New Orleans over the previous week as a result of gun violence were made public by the city’s coroner. These deaths had occurred in New Orleans. These fatalities had taken place throughout the course of the preceding week. These fatalities had occurred at various times over the previous week, which had just ended. The previous week had seen the passing of only one of the five people, making it the only time any of them had ever done so. On Tuesday, three dead bodies were found inside a home in the Fair Grounds neighborhood of the city of Fairfax, which is located in the state of Virginia.

It is possible that the house can be discovered in the Fair Grounds neighborhood of the city. Alonzo Jackson, who had just turned 50 years old at the time of his dying, was named as one of the persons who passed away. He was one of the people that died. The authorities made the decision to launch an investigation into a triple killing that had taken place at the location after shot casings were found in the area surrounding the crime site. At the time that they made their testimony, the investigation was still taking place, and it was said that the bodies of the three victims had been there for a few days at the very least. Nonetheless, they did state that the investigation was still ongoing in some capacity.

According to the coroner who conducted the investigation into the murder scene, the names of the two additional victims whose bones were discovered in the 1700 block of Gentilly Boulevard have not been confirmed at this time. The remains of both individuals were found in the same location. Both victims’ remains were discovered in the same spot after their deaths. According to the statement released by the coroner, the investigation into the crime scene is not yet complete.